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The Come and See programme comprises two elements for each Year group. A Teacher’s Book together with a set of online Resources.

The Teacher’s book provides the content in printed format and access to the Resources will be via a password protected access rights to the Come and See extranet. It will be necessary to purchase both the teacher’s book for the year group and access to the resources for each class within a year group to make full use of the programme.


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Your Order - Teachers Books
Code Title Price QUANTITY
Note: postage will be added up to a maximum. £8.00 Sub Total:  £0.00
R1323 Teacher's Book Early Years £45.00
R1330 Teacher's Book Year 1 £45.00
R1347 Teacher's Book Year 2 £45.00
R1354 Teacher's Book Year 3 £45.00
R1361 Teacher's Book Year 4 £45.00
R1378 Teacher's Book Year 5 £45.00
R1385 Teacher's Book Year 6 £45.00
Your Order - Online Resources
Code Online Resources Required Price CLASSES
Prices includes VAT @ 20% i,e. £55.00 + £11.00 vat. Total:  £0.00
RS1392 One Resource Per Class £66.00
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