Come and See

User Guide

The Come and See website has been created and developed based on the feedback we receive from teachers and RE leaders within schools and parishes, and because of this it is very easy to find the resources you need and get the most out of the programme.

Use the links below to navigate this userguide, and please contact us if you need any further assistance.


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Home Page

The Home Page holds a lot more information than you might think. 

To start with you will find that we post updates at the top of the page in red. Any time there is a change to the website it will be posted here so you never miss information on new developments. 


All of our contact details and links can be found at the top of the page, as well as information and samples of the programme.


We have a customer feedback display, where we show any and all feedback sent through to us that could be useful to other users. We also have a link to our twitter feed which displays updates for Come and See and our other titles.


We also have a very useful footer section which holds links to important websites and social networks, T&Cs and Privacy documentation, contact and feedback forms, and also our order form.




Signing Up

Signing up for access to the website is very simple.

Just click on either one of the 2 SIGN-UP buttons on the homepage. One in the centre of the page and the other next to the LOGIN button in the top right corner. 


Once you have clicked on either button you will be taken to an online order form.


Read the instructions carefully and enter all of your details.


Please be aware that the number of access rights you need to purchase is dependant on the number of classes you have. This was put in place to make purchase costs fair across all school sizes.




Logging In

Once your organisation has purchased access to the programme, each individual member of staff will need to set up their own login details.


Setting up an individual login is quick and easy. First LOGIN using the generic username and password provided to your school/organisation.


You will then have access to the Create Individual User Account page.

Read the instructions carefully and enter your details in the boxes provided, then click SUBMIT.

An email will be sent to you with a confirmation link, which you will need to click to authorise your new login details.

Make sure to check your Junk/Spam folders for the email.


Once you have confirmed your login details you can then LOGIN with your email address and password. Just remember that your password is case-sensitive.




Main Resources

Main Resources is where you will find the resources specifically mentioned within the Teacher Books, as well as teacher resources and SEN materials.

To access Main Resources just click the header link at the top of any page.

Main Resources is broken down into sections, one for each Year Group, one for Teachers Resources and one for SEN.


Year Group Resources

Each Year Group is broken down first into separate topics and then into the learning foci found within the teacher books. This should make it very easy for you to find the resources you need quickly.

year groups

To access any topic and learning focus, first click on the Year Group and then on the specific topic you are working on. Scroll down to the learning focus you are interested in.


Downloading the resources is as simple as clicking on the Download button.

You can also get a quick peak at the file you are about to download by clicking on the file image, opening a LIGHTBOX.

vid light

When doing this with a video file you will be able to watch the video within the website.


Key Questions and Activities

All of the Learning Foci also have a small section at the bottom that provides some of the Key Questions and Suggested Activities mentioned within the Teacher Books, as well as other possible resources and links. 

key questions

By default it shows the Key Questions section, but by clicking the Key Activities button it changes. 

key activities

Within Key Activities you will sometimes see Highlighted Text. This text is a link to whichever resource it mentions, for example BBC Learning Zone Clip 307.

This should cut down the ammount of time you spend searching our site, or the internet as a whole, for appropriate resources in a particular Learning Focus. 


These sections will also be used to provide updates and additions to the questions and activities found within the Teacher Books. For example, the additional resources provided for Year 2.





We at Come & See wish to provide a service to our users, providing not only pre-built resources, but also providing the means to adapt those resources and create their own.

To this end we provide a bank of images covering a wide variety of themes. This bank is constantly growing and changing based on feedback from our users and the availability of quality images. 


Accessing these images is as simple as clicking on the tab at the top of any page and then selecting which type of image, and which theme, you wish to explore.


When you find an image you like you just need to click on the download arrow to download it to your device.





The videos section works exactly like the Images section and is accessed in the same way, by clicking the tab at the top of the page.


The videos found here are the same as those found within Main Resources, but are now all in one place and much easier to find.


We have a wide selection of video resources which will be added to and adapted as more resources become available.





Accessed in the same way as the previous sections, Music/Sound includes musical resources provided to us by generous artists.


Over time this section will be populated by more and more musical resources, song clips, musical scores and possibly video resources which can be used to support RE within the classroom. 

The difficulty in obtaining rights to musical resources means that this section will take longer than others to be updated, but check back regularly anyway.





This is where you will find all of the scripture PowerPoints used within Come & See 


They have been broken down into the Year Group they appear in, and 2 versions of each PowerPoint have been provided. 


The CM version is for those users who have older versions of PowerPoint, such as ‘97.


We have also provided the scripture from these PowerPoints in word document form, to make it easier to create your own scripture PowerPoints or adapt those that we provide.





This is where you will find the interactive activities we have provided, for individual or group use. They are very easy to access, and the file image gives you a good idea of how the activity works.


The activities found here will only work on a PC and not on any other device. They are also .exe files, which means that your PC may give you a warning message before allowing you to open/run the file. Please do not be concerned and just allow the file to run.

activity light

These activites work very well for individuals using them on a single PC, or for group work on an IWB. You can even download them to a memory stick to place them on multiple computers.




External Websites

We at Come & See want to provide our users with the best possible service and allow them to create outstanding lessons. We also understand that there are many resources already available that not everyone knows about. 

In the External Websites section you will find a wide selection of links to resources not found on the Come & See website.


We have provide links to all of the BBC Bitesize and Learning Zone clips reference within Come & See, for ease of access.


We have provided a wide selection of links to external resources, including Art Gallery web pages and video resources.


We have also provided links and information for every book which is mentioned or reference within the Come & See teacher books, allowing users to get more information and possibly purchase any titles they do not already have in school.





You can also find the files or pages you're looking for using our search engine.

search 1

The Search Engine allows you to search the entire site for specific files and pages using keywords and phrases. 


You can refine your search easily, by selecting the specific Year Group and file type you are looking for. Or you can add more, or different, key words to refine your search.


Once you have found the file you want just click on the link to start downloading.





Once you have finished using the site you should LOGOUT - although the site does this automatically after a set amount of time.


Once you have you will see a second screen which you can use to login again or return to the Home Screen - or you can just close the window.